Contributing to this guide#


The original material for this book was created as part of the paper “A biologist’s guide to planning and performing quantitative bioimaging experiments2. by Rebecca A. Senft*, Barbara Diaz-Rohrer*, Pina Colarusso, Lucy Swift, Nasim Jamali, Helena Jambor, Thomas Pengo, Craig Brideau, Paula Montero Llopis, Virginie Uhlmann, Jason Kirk, Kevin Andrew Gonzales, Peter Bankhead, Edward L. Evans III, Kevin W Eliceiri and Beth A. Cimini.

This project was initiated by the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis .We are grateful to Bioimaging North America (especially its Image Informatics and Training and Education Working Groups) for both initial and ongoing support of this project.

Since this guide has become available, we gratefully acknowledge contributions from the following members of the microscopy and bioimage analysis community!

  • William Giang

  • Robert Haase

Improvements to the build and maintenance system for this book have come from

  • Pete Bankhead

How can I become a contributor?#

Please feel free to open an issue or pull request to contribute! We hope for this to be a living document reflecting the best practices and resources available.

We currently also offer a Google Form for contributions, though note these may be responded to more slowly than direct contributions to the GitHub repository.


This guide is available in English as well as Czech, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Work is underway to translate this guide into other languages - translation is planned or has begun in French, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Farsi. To help translate into one of these languages, or another language not listed here, please contact bcimini AT broadinstitute DOT org.

Translations are gratefully acknowledged from:

  • Czech : Martin Schätz

  • Portuguese: Mario Costa Cruz

  • Spanish: Mariana De Niz