Resources for learning more#

Resource Name


Brief description

🌐 Microforum


An online forum for discussing issues with and getting advice on sample preparation and microscopy

🌐 FPbase 13


Database for identifying fluorophores by brightness, spectra and assessing compatibility with other fluorophores and with microscope filters

🌐 Bio-protocol


Website to search for protocols across biological disciplines, including protocols associated with work published elsewhere. All protocols are available under an open access license (CC BY or CC BY-NC)



A secure platform for developing and sharing reproducible methods

📄 Designing a rigorous microscopy experiment: Validating methods and avoiding bias 9


Review of aspects of designing a rigorous light microscopy experiment, including validation of samples and imaging, identification and correction of errors, and strategies to avoid biases

📄 Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy 5


Step-by-step guidance on practical considerations for sample preparation, acquisition, and image analysis; primarily though not exclusively aimed at users of confocal microscopy