Resources for learning more#

Resource Name


Brief description

🌐 Nikon MicroscopyU


Fundamentals of microscopy explained for beginners with lots of images and plain language descriptions of terms used in microscopy

📄 Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition 15


An overview of common concerns to check for during sample preparation and image acquisition

📄 Fluorescence microscopy - avoiding the pitfalls 16


Short overview of some of the most common pitfalls for beginners to fluorescence microscopy

📄 Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy 5


Step-by-step guidance on practical considerations for sample preparation, acquisition, and image analysis; primarily though not exclusively aimed at users of confocal microscopy

📄 Best practices and tools for reporting reproducible fluorescence microscopy methods 17


Guidelines and resources for accurate reporting of the most common fluorescence light microscopy techniques, emphasizing the impact of accurate microscopy metadata on data interpretation.’

🎥 iBiology Microscopy Short Course


An 8 hour video series consisting of 14 videos introducting major concepts in microscopy. A longer course with >70 videos is also available.

🎥 Microcourses


Videos about microscopy from the microscopy cores at Harvard Medical School

🌐 Advanced Imaging Center


Access to the state of the art microscopy instruments and imaging experts

🌐 Africa Microscopy Initiative


Access to advanced microscopes, molecular biology and cell culture equipment for scientists in Africa

🌐 Euro-Bioimaging


Access to microcopy instruments and training for scientists in Europe